While there's no doubt that Prince Harry is definitely everyone's favorite royal when it comes to the British royal family, Prince William's little brother is giving everyone yet another reason why they want to seem him settle down and get married.

There's a new report that says the world's most eligible bachelor (according to some) was spotted shopping for discounted frozen dinners and using the self-checkout line at his local supermarket. Apparently, even a member of the royal family doesn't mind having a night of pigging out on chicken nuggets in front of the television once in awhile.

Yet, many of his fans are hoping this is yet another sign that Prince Harry could use a little special someone to not only make home cooked meals with, but do the weekly grocery rounds with, too (as I'm sure many of his die-hard fans would agree).

One shopper told The Sun newspaper (via the Daily Mail): "It was funny seeing Prince Harry looking at the discount ready meals. He was looking at a fish pie that had been reduced to £4.15 from £7 and a Shepherd's Pie for £5.95. He obviously likes a bargain! But sadly, it looked like he was only cooking for one."

What's more, sources say that the Prince was spotted wearing jeans, suede desert boots, a black jacket and a baseball cap with two discrete bodyguards nearby.

It's unknown whether or not his brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton like to do their own grocery shopping too or if they simply let their staff at Kensington Palace do all the work for them.

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