Some people speak with words, others with their hands, but for Cher, she likes to send out her messages in emojis. And who can blame her? Yet the iconic singer is getting a lot of criticism for using two emojis that look like bombs after sending out a tweet about the terror attack that occurred at Istanbul's international airport on Tuesday.

Cher, who is best known for her philosophical tweets on the social networking account these days, wrote, "WE ALL PRAY FOR INNOCENT PPL IN TURKEY AIRPORT."


And while there's no doubt that she is deeply concerned about the increasing amount of terror attacks and threats that are being made all over the world, the singer was slammed for using the cartoon pictures of a bomb and an explosion.

The 70-year-old later tweeted out and apology that said, "PPL R SENSITIVE & I DIDNT THINK.I Offer My (heart)FELT APOLOGY. Every1(sic) Who Knows Me, Knows Im (sic) Tender 2PPL (sic) Who are Hurting."

Gunmen and suicide bombers rocked the Turkish capital by attacking the city's Ataturk Airport, leaving 41 people dead and more than 200 injured.

Of the three bombers in the attack, two were at the international terminal, and the third terrorist was in the nearby parking lot, a Turkish official told CNN. All three detonated suicide vests. Many eyewitnesses say chaos ensued only seconds after the first explosives detonated, with people scattering all over the scene.

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