It has been two years since the first season of the hit anime Attack on Titan wrapped up, and now, after all this waiting, fans were finally given an official release date for the highly-anticipated anime's season 2. In an announcement during the Tokyo International Forum, voice actors from the popular anime revealed that Attack on Titan Season 2 would start airing Spring 2017.

The announcement from the voice actors was quickly confirmed, as promotional materials and the second season's title card was released in the official Attack on Titan Twitter account. Of course, with an announcement such as notable as this, fans of the franchise immediately took to social media to voice out their support for the new season.

The road towards the second season proved very long and tedious for fans. Immediately after the first season ended, the second season was all but confirmed, thanks to the anime's extreme popularity and success. However, several setbacks made production for Attack on Titan Season 2 quite elusive, and the months started to pile up.

Though a few OVAs were released after the first season ended, fans demanded more. As much as fans were demanding a second season of the anime, however, the creator of Attack on Titan opted to support a live-action adaptation of the franchise instead.

Unfortunately, the two-part live-action movie project proved to be extremely unpopular with critics and fans alike. Featuring a far different plot, characters, and sub-par visual effects, the Attack on Titan live-action movies eventually became an example of how not to do a live-action adaptation of an anime.

Eventually, the studio behind Attack on Titan, Wit Studio, opted to produce an independent anime, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Featuring a lot of similar premises with Attack on Titan coupled with excellent art and action sequences, Kabaneri proved to be a hit among anime fans. In a way, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress also managed to buy some time for the Attack on Titan manga to cover more ground for the second season.

With the official announcement for Attack on Titan Season 2, it is quite an understatement to say that fans are looking forward to Spring 2017.