Verizon has updated its mobile data offerings for its customers across the United States, offering significantly more data for its popular S, M, L, XL, and XXL plans. However, as much as each of its packages would receive significantly more data, the price for each of the plans have also been raised.

The raise in price affects customers who would be applying for the firm's plans from the S to XXL package. The price increase varies, with the S and M packages receiving a $5 increase and the L to XXL packages seeing a $10 surge in price. Notably, Verizon's high-tier data packages, which now start at $135 per month for 30GB of data, have received reductions in prices.

With the update, Verizon's S plan would now offer 2GB of shared data for $35, the M plan would feature 4GB of data for $50 per month, the L plan would offer 8GB of data for $70, the XL plan would offer 16GB for $90, and the XXL plan would offer 24GB of shared data for $110.

While the price increase that comes with the data boost does seem like a decision that favors Verizon and not the consumers, it must be noted that data boost more than makes up for the brief increases in price. In fact, the Large plan, which could be considered as the plan which received the biggest increase in price, also comes with 33 percent more data.

Even the XXL plan, which also increased $10 from its previous price, now offers 6GB more data than before. Indeed, paying $10 for 6GB more data is, in a lot of ways, a pretty good deal.

Apart from the increases in data, Verizon has also announced a new feature which allows users to save their unused data for the next month. Also, the telecom giant announced an option for users to continue using the internet at throttled speeds after their data allocation has been used up. Though the throttled speeds are very low at just 128 kbps, it still keeps mobile devices connected to the internet, nonetheless.

Of course, customers who are currently subscribed to grandfathered data packages are not required to shift to the new plans. Then again, with average data usage across the country on a steady rise, it would be wise to embrace Verizon's new, improved, albeit more costly, data plans.