UFO Sighting Cincinnati: Mysterious Craft Seemingly Pursued By Military Helicopters [VIDEO]

Cincinnati, Ohio played host to a rather interesting event recently, as a seemingly gigantic Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was caught on camera as it hovered over the night sky. What is particularly interesting is the fact that it seemed like the U.S. military was actually attempting to track, or possibly, even make contact with the mysterious spacecraft.

The unearthly UFO was briefly captured on camera by a resident of Covington, Ky., who lives just across the Ohio river. According to the man who shot the video, which could be viewed below, he was able to capture the UFO at about 3 a.m., after he was awakened by the noise from a number of helicopters.

The man, who has opted to remain anonymous, further stated that he believes there were about six or seven military-grade helicopters in the sky on the night of the UFO sighting. Though the witness was not able to fully determine why the helicopters were flying in the area at the time, the fact that the military aircraft eventually headed towards the point where the UFO was suggested that the helicopters were sortied in order to make contact with the mysterious spacecraft.

As he was filming, the witness also remarked that the size of the UFO was about ten times the size of the military helicopters. Indeed, in the video, it the size of the UFO seemed very notable, with the moonlight seemingly reflecting off the surface of the alleged spacecraft at times.

The recent Cincinnati UFO incident serves as the latest in a wave of sightings that have happened in Ohio during the past few months. Just last May, witnesses were able to record 13 minutes of footage of what appears to be a mysterious spacecraft flying over the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, just outside Dayton.

Unsurprisingly, the U.S. military has not released a statement about the incident.  

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