Reality star Erica Mena and actor Bow Wow might have broken off their engagement almost a year ago, but their drama is still going strong on social media.

In the latest, Bow Wow calls out Mena after she allegedly called him “corny.”

He asked, “But you was just my fiancée tho?!” referring to their recent engagement. He then revealed the two were intimate just weeks ago.

“Was I corny when We was just sexing 2 months ago like we TRYNA MAKE ANOTHER BABY. I love you too Erica.”

Interestingly enough, Bow Wow then headed to Twitter to share more about his and Mena’s current status.

“Erica is my baby… she know I love her hahaha”

But Mena still didn’t seem impressed. “No you love yourself,” she responded. “I wish you all the best. Let’s now let it go.”

Still, Bow Wow wasn’t ready to “let it go” just yet.

He also tweeted, “She hate me! But I love her still… Baby ain’t feeling me haha Gave me a chance and I fumbled.”

He showed love for Mena on Facebook back on June 24. He shared a photo of them together and wrote the caption, “Forever my road dog.”

He decided to pin that photo to the top of his page.

Mena and Bow Wow went public with their relationship in the summer of 2014. They shocked fans when they announced their engagement just months later. Still, they also called it quits in the Fall of 2015 and have been going back-and-forth on social media since.

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