Josh Duhamel might take on a new gig as a sports dad.

The actor, whose son Axl is about to turn 3, is pretty active these days and might consider playing sports when he's a little older. If that happens, Duhamel would be thrilled to take the part as a coach based on Tuesday's report from People. He also mentioned a couple sports that Axl might enjoy.

"Right now it's soccer, but it could be baseball," Duhamel said. "Who knows?"

The actor threw out the first pitch at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles where his son and wife, Fergie, joined him at the game. Duhamel said it was a "perfect day" where the announcer advised him to not throw from the pitcher's mound.

"I couldn't do that!" Duhamel said. "Playing a pitcher in a baseball movie, you've got to throw it from the mound, right? We went down to the field and threw the ball- and I threw a strike, which was the best part!"

There's a good chance that Axl won't remember this moment since there was something else happening that day that seemed a lot more pleasing.

"It was great because he didn't care about any of it, other than he got to eat an entire Dodger Dog," Duhamel said. "He literally ate up the whole dog. He never does that. So if he's going to remember anything, he's going to remember that."

Could football be an option for Axl in the future?

"Whether or not he plays football, I'm not sure," the child's dad said. "I played football, and my dad and Fergie's dad all played football, but I don't know, man. It's a pretty brutal game."