It looks like Chris Brown is still paying for his assault against Rihanna that took place back in 2009.

In the latest, he was snatched down from the guest list for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Tuesday night. Brown was listed a guest on the show until Noah announced that he would actually be speaking with Nick Cannon instead at the opening of the show, according to Chicago Tribune Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the network said that it’s not unusual for guests to change at the last minute, and added, “The show hopes to reschedule Chris for a future appearance.”

Still, other insiders said some of the staff was uncomfortable with BRown’s appearance because of his violent past, which includes the attack against Rihanna during the Grammys weekend in February of 2009. But while Noah’s show is usually full of jokes and satire, word is he wanted to have a serious moment with Brown.

“While many staffers disapprove of the booking decision, host Trevor Noah allegedly hopes to use the interview to bring light to domestic abuse issues.”

Noah is said to have mentioned this during a staff meeting on Monday.

If the attack against Rihanna is a factor in the reason Brown’s appearance was unscheduled, it isn’t the only time his past has come back around this week.

Brown’s tour in Australia and New Zealand was also cancelled Tuesday. Australia made it clear that it wanted to “formally deny Brown’s visa because of his criminal conviction for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.”

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