They'll be married twenty years this fall and have weathered numerous reports of an impending split throughout, but Tim McGraw and Faith Hill seem stronger than ever-and McGraw is now opening up on what the biggest thing that helps his marriage flourish is.

In an interview Taste of Country, the singer opened up about how his biggest priority was remembering the big anniversary, but he had some wisdom to share about what really helps his marriage out the most-which was learning to listen.

He also admitted that he's learned over the years that there are no definitive answers to anything in his life, and learning to figure it all out along the way has helped build the relationships he has with Hill and his three daughters as well.

"...I've also learned that when you look at politics and you look at the world we live in and everything else, there's really no definite answers to anything," he said. "There's a lot of sort of figuring your way out with every move that you make. I think that you find that out as you get older and that really has to do with relationships, as well."

McGraw and Hill have had their fair share of reports in 20 years that claimed their marriage was on the rocks, and they were on the verge of a nasty and expensive divorce, but the couple has managed to show the rumors were wrong every time, proving that their relationship remains strong and continues getting stronger.

The two have also had three daughters together during their marriage. Their eldest, Gracie Katherine, was born in 1997, their middle daughter, Maggie Elizabeth, was born in 1998, and their youngest, Audrey Caroline, was born in 2001.