Snapchat Sunglasses: New Device Allows You To Take Snaps On The Go [VIDEO]


Staying "alive" on social media is hard work. When I see something cool, it's always a tug-of-war to figure out whether it would work best on Instagram, Pinterest, as a Tweet or a Snap. Frankly, things that are very fleeting -- say, if I'm at a fashion show and I really like a look on a runway -- I try to capture on Snapchat. However, alternating between apps (and in many cases, fishing my phone out of my purse and opening the app) takes precious time, especially when the moment is so quick.

To help make snaps instantaneous, Snapchat (now Snap Inc) has unveiled a set of sunglasses that can help you take snaps and upload them to your app in real time. The Spectacles, as they're called, have a small built-in video camera that can record up to 10 second videos with a first-hand human kind of view. The snaps are then uploaded onto, duh, Snapchat, via WiFi and Bluetooth integration.

Each set of Spectacles is set to run for $129.99 and come in black, coral and teal. There's no release date just yet, and according to Snap Inc, they'll roll out slowly to test the market waters. However, expect to see these guys "soon."

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