Sports Bras That Are Just As Fashionable As Real Bras

While everyone looks forward to sweater weather because it's prime time to let your body hair grow wild and free, I have another reason. Namely, I look forward to being able to wear a sports bra under my clothes and not have it look like I'm headed to the gym.

The thing is, sports bras kind of get a bad rep. They're stretchy and comfortable and come in a zillion colors and prints. They also have an unfortunate habit of squashing our boobs, making us appear flat-chested, or need to be layered with other bras if you're a big-bosomed babe. Worse yet, they normally have a thousand different straps, which make them impossible to slip into and even more difficult to slip out of. It's a love-hate relationship.

However, in my quest to be as comfortable as possible (and because real, underwire bras are about as comfortable as a root canal) here's what I propose: wearing sports bras instead of regular bras all fall and winter. I'm only talking about CUTE sports bras -- you know, the ones you won't feel bad about displaying to your Tinder date and the ones that make your boobs look good, not like a uni-boob (been there, it ain't cute.)

Here are some of my favorites:

Stay away from cheesy slogans or prints. Instead, opt for dainty florals or strategically placed mesh. A higher neckline can even help your bra double as a top, and a bit of underwire can go a long way in terms of support. If you're not a girl that requires a ton of hold or if you're stuck at a desk all day, go for a bra that's meant for low-impact workouts that cut lower, has less padding and is infinitely more minimalistic. Conversely, if you're running errands all day, go for a bra with a thicker band and plenty of support.

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