Hurricane Matthew continues to batter its way towards the United States, and despite the numerous warnings and announcements, it appears that some residents in the path of the Category 4 hurricane are staying put. This could be seen in numerous places in Charleston, N.C., where residents and businesses are preparing for the hurricane by boarding up their homes and stores.

Cheryl Quinn, one of the residents in the area, told CNN in an interview that she and her husband will be staying put despite the evacuation advisories.

"I think we're staying put. It was kind of a party down here. I hate to say that, because storms can be scary," she said. Quinn further stated that she and her husband were fine last year when the area was also battered by heavy rains.

However, Hurricane Matthew is anything but just heavy rain. The massive Category 4 hurricane has already sowed a path of destruction on the way to the United States. Since forming, Hurricane Matthew has ravaged numerous Caribbean countries, killing 15 people as of writing.

This, as well as the grave warnings of government officials, have struck a clear message to the residents of the hurricane's affected areas. Even Quinn, who stated that she and her husband would stay put, has also stated that they have a backup plan, just in case the hurricane becomes too much.

"We have a hotel reservation in our back pocket, and we're kind of just playing it by ear," she said.

While quite practical, officials in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia have warned residents to not wait until Hurricane Matthew arrives before deciding whether to evacuate or not. According to Florida Gov. Rock Scott, residents in the affected areas should decide whether to evacuate or not 24 hours before the massive hurricane makes landfall.

As of Wednesday evening, Hurricane Matthew has been recorded to pack 115 mph winds and was about 170 miles south of Nassau, Bahamas and 360 miles away from Palm Beach, Florida.