Galaxy Note 7 Dead: How Samsung Followed Apple Into The Abyss, Will Tech Giant Ever Recover? [VIDEO]


With the Galaxy Note 7 officially dead, Samsung would need to work extremely hard to ensure that its reputation in the smartphone market somehow stays afloat. As the aftermath of the Note 7 disaster settles in, it is important to look back at the circumstances that ultimately produced the ill-fated device.

If there is one thing that could be blamed for the Galaxy Note 7's fate, it would be Samsung and Apple's fixation with each other's design. Most of the Note 7's serious flaws were rooted years back, with the introduction of the first ever Galaxy Note.

During that time, Apple mocked Samsung for creating a phone that, at the time, was abnormally large. As the Note gained a strict following, however, Apple was forced to admit that the smartphone industry was moving towards an era of devices with massive screens.

The result of that, of course, was Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, a design that was the brainchild of iconic designer Jony Ive, who has always pushed the company's smartphones to become thinner with each new iteration. Considering the iPhone 6 Plus' large frame, however, the device's thinness ultimately became its biggest flaw, as shown by the notorious bendgate scandal that ensued.

Despite bendgate, however, the iPhone 6 Plus nonetheless became one of the most successful devices that Apple has made. With this, Samsung opted to follow Apple's lead, abandoning the Note 4's plastic frame for a glass and metal unibody design.

The result was the Note 5, a device that lacked most of the much-loved features of the Note series, such as a microSD card slot and a removable battery. With the Note 7, Samsung has opted to reach for something far more daring - it decided to release a device that was ridiculously thin, with a Quad-HD screen, expandable storage and a huge battery.

Just like the iPhone 6 Plus before it, the Note 7 appeared to have sacrificed many things for the sake of a new, thin frame. Unfortunately, one of those things that were sacrificed was the Note 7's safety.

With the Note 7 dead, it is hard to imagine that Samsung would release yet another Note device. If any, the line if now dead, and Samsung would simply need to come up with a new moniker for its flagship phablet line.

As for recovery, however, that much is assured. Samsung commands a huge consumer base worldwide, and the brand has such a dedicated following that it would take more than a few flames to completely burn down the faith in the company. 

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