Joe Biden Comments: Vice President 'Can't Understand' Anyone Justifying Donald Trump's Remarks [VIDEO]

Vice President Joe Biden is speaking his mind about Donald Trump's lewd comments heard in a recently leaked audio clip from 2005.

Biden appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday and spoke about the "Trump tape," in which the future GOP nominee could be heard talking about women succumbing to his advances because he is a "star" and about "grabbing them by the p---y."

The Vice President said that Trump was an example of "absolutely outrageous behavior" and "the textbook definition of sexual assault." He also explained that Trump's words were indicative of the toxicity of abuse of power.

"I've spent most of my career trying to begin to figure out how to change the culture in this country so we treat women with respect and dignity," Biden explained. "I know I get really passionate about this issue, but my dad... My dad used to say the greatest sin of all was the abuse of power, and the cardinal sin of all is a man raising his hand or taking advantage of a woman. And here's a guy who says, 'I'm a star.'"

The VP spoke with Meyers about the Trump incident being "the ultimate abuse of power, and I don't understand how anyone can remotely justify that. I can understand - eh, I can't understand, actually."

Biden famously drafted the Violence Against Women Act, which provided $1.6 billion for the investigation of crimes against women, and was signed in to law by President Bill Clinton in 1994. Biden has also been a big part of the It's On Us campaign, which seeks to address and help prevent the rampant sexual assault on college campuses today.

Biden has spoke openly about the dangers of electing Trump as president before, saying at the Democratic Convention that he would make America "less safe."

"Donald Trump, with all his rhetoric, would literally make us less safe," he said. "We can not elect a man who belittles our closest allies while embracing dictators like Vladimir Putin. No, I mean it. A man who sows division in America for his own gain and disorder around the world. A man who confuses bluster with strength. We simply can not let that happen as Americans. Period."

Watch Biden's full remarks on Trump below:

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