Over the past couple of years, one of the biggest questions of Hollywood has been who would be cast in the role of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is one of the most exciting comic characters in Marvel Universe Phase 3.

Marvel Universe decided to represent Captain Marvel as a solo movie, similar to Captain America. According to the comic, Carol Denver was a member of US Air Force. She was introduced in 1968. Rumors started swirling recently that  Brie Larson was the top contender for this role .

After a decade an alien cosmic energy transforms her DNA and give her some super power and abilities. In the comic, Ms.Marvel actually appeared as a supporting character in X-man storyline written by Chris Claremont. Her first appearance in 2000's marvel comic book as a field leader of avengers which was introduced after "Civil War". 

MCU decide to make the debut of this new leader with the help of a female director Kevin Feige. Now, according to the director and as per MCU's trend, it's having been cleared that the Plot of this solo movie is going to be adapted little, apart from original comic version.  

Screenwriter Nicole Perlman also concerned that why they don't follow the original storyline because it has too much similarity with DC's Green Lantern storyline, which they don't want to do.

But unlike Black Panther, Carol Danvers is rumored to appear without superpowers, though she is set for a debut in 2018's "Avengers: Infinity War" before her solo movie. Now according to MCU, Captain Marvel planned its initial release on July 6, 2018 but they moved the date to March 8, 2019, maybe due to Spiderman's deal with Sony.