Who Killed JonBenet: Lifetime Movie Brings New Theories About Who Killed Her, What Do People Think? [VIDEO]

It's a mystery that is still captivating people 20 years later, and with yet another new movie trying to guess what happened, more theories are appearing online about just who killed JonBenet Ramsey back in 1996.

The then six-year-old beauty queen was discovered dead in her parent's basement on Christmas Day, after her mother frantically called police to report she had been kidnapped after finding a ransom note. Evidence in the case never really added up however, which led to speculation that someone in her family committed the crime, but without any conclusive evidence to go on, cops were never able to charge anyone, and the case has remained unsolved to this day.

Lifetime has taken their own spin on the case now with the movie Who Killed JonBenet, which aired Saturday Night. And as the movie continued to play out on television screens, many viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts about just who committed the crime that captivated people then, and still does to this day.










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