87-year-old Elizabeth "Mimi" Haist has friends in high places, specifically the comic actor Zach Galifianakis. The two walked the red carpet together at Monday's premiere of The Hangover 3.

"All the fans were taking photos and I waved at them, I said, 'They don't know who I am!" Haist told the New York Daily News.

But it's only the latest get-together in the long-standing friendship they've shared.

Galifianakis and Haist first encountered each other about 20 years ago when the actor was still an unknown and frequenting a local laundromat where Haist worked for tips.

In the years since, while Galifianakis became an established movie star, Haist fell on hard times. She became homeless, and lived on the charity of friends. When the actor learned of Haist's plight, he decided to pass on some of his good fortune and found her an apartment in Santa Monica; he now takes care her rent and utilities, and even enlisted pal Renee Zellweger to help with her food and furniture needs.

Haist said that she and Galifianakis often go out to dinner together, and she has also accompanied Galifianakis to events for his film The Campaign and the second film in the Hangover trilogy.

"Afterwards," Haist described, "they have a party at somewhere close by and you meet the stars. I drink lemon drop martinis with Grey Goose vodka."

Haist says she especially enjoys getting dolled up for all the parties.

"I like the excitement of it," she said. "I dress up nice and a friend helps me with my makeup. It's fun, not something I've ever dreamed I'd experience.

"The limo takes me home afterwards."