Angelina Jolie Vs. Brad Pitt: Actress Reportedly Avoiding Her Ex Husband At All Costs [VIDEO]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been had the entire world's eye on them ever since they announced their split. Now, their divorce and custody battle is creating problems for the both of them, as they are separating without compromising terms. Both Brad Pitt and Anjelina Jolie want the custody of their six kids.

While the celebrity couple divorce, as per The Sun, has generated quite a buzz, Angelina Jolie has decided that she is going to avoid seeing her ex-husband. As things stand, the ex-couple haven't met since their breakup. With the holiday season upon the world, fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of them together.

However, Angelina Jolie has dismissed rumors and HollywoodLife has said that they haven't met over the holidays. Brad Pitt has voiced that he has no problem in dealing with his ex and finds it ridiculous that she doesn't meet him while handing off his kids to him for visits. As such, the couple's children have been handed off for visits by maids, bodyguards and the like. 

Earlier, Angelina Jolie was furious as Brad was cleared by his therapist to visit his kids and spend time with them. The kids apparently were allowed to visit Brad in his own house. However, Angelina found out about this and tried her best to change the terms of the visit. 

The Brangelina split happened in September and the world still cannot come to terms with this fact. In fact, it has been cited as the most talked about celebrity split. The Hollywood power couple split after 12 years of togetherness. 

The couple decided to split after coming to terms with their differences in the relationship. There were many reasons for the split, some being rumors of Brad's cheating, Angelina's relationships and her doubting Brad's friends circle, her relationship with Brad's father, differences in raising a child. 

As far as celebrity couple divorces go, this one has taken the Hollywood world by storm. Stay tuned for more Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt updates.


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