Fans of George R.R. Martin have been waiting for the sixth book i.e. The Winds of Winter for a long time and this summer will mark exactly six years since the fifth book released.

What is more, if the writer is still behind schedule, the HBO TV series Game of Thrones will overtake the book series further with the seventh season.

Fans are losing their patience over the delay of the release of The Winds of Winter and now they have become plain apathetic, reports Business Insider. However, there is still one section that sympathizes with the writer and some fans are coming to his defense. They feel it is the pressure and the notorious writer's block that has caused the delay in the sixth installment.

The sympathy is definitely a balm for the writer but he does not have good things to say about the publication of the much-awaited book. A few days after 2017 ushered in, the writer admitted that The Winds of Winter is not finished and he cannot even give a new expected publication date, claims his blog, Live Journal.

According to Martin, the readers wanted an update and here is the update but they will not like it. The Winds of Winter is not finished. He explained that he had missed two deadlines from his publishers and it does not give him any pleasure as he types these words.

The author admitted that readers are disappointed but so are his editors, publishers, HBO, agents and foreign translators. Nevertheless, no one could be more disappointed than him.

Well, almost a year has passed and it is 2017. Still, there is no announcement from the author's side about the work-in-progress.

What one knows is that some time back in December, he teased a few details about the book at the Q&A session at the Guadalajara International Book Fair. He said that he has been saying for 20 years that winter is coming and it is the time when things die and darkness fills the world.

George R.R. Martin did indicate at dark chapters in The Winds of Winter saying that it is not going to be the happy feel-good book people have been hoping for.