Nintendo previously announced that it was going to come out with all of the details for their latest generation gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, in a live stream event this week. However, a new leak has apparently now revealed the console's release date and its price just days ahead of the planned event.

According to Gamespot, the leak itself is basically just a listing that was found on the UK games retailer website, GameSeek. The listing also apparently allows customers to pre-order the console despite it not being officially unveiled. The page lists the new Nintendo Switch console with a starting price of £198.50, or around USD $245. It also reveals that the console would be released on March 17.

While it might be possible that the page, and its accompanying information, could just be a placeholder, the website has not been known to use temporary dates. As for the price, the retailer does have a pre-order price guarantee. It basically means that if the released console would be priced higher or lower that the listed price, the customer will always pay the lowest amount. The website does not arbitrarily assign any price to its products, so it might be possible that the listed price would be the actual retail price of the highly awaited console.

Meanwhile, the new Nintendo console is likely to be receiving a number of brand new games during its launch. Among those is a rumored third version of the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

There are also talks of a possible 3D Super Mario video game and a possible port for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The latter was highly featured in the console's trailers and teasers, so it would only make sense for Nintendo to make the game available upon launch. Fans of course just have to wait for the actual announcement this week, as all of the details for the console would likely be revealed.