Filed patents, more often than not, do translate to possible new products from the respective companies that had submitted them. However, due to the sheer number of patents being submitted by big manufacturers, it is not really that easy to tell which ones would end up in the marketplace. Samsung as an example files numerous patents every year, but one patent has now caught the eye of fans as it does indicate the possible design of the long-rumored Samsung Galaxy X line of devices.

The newly uncovered Samsung patent, as reported by Patently Mobile, seems to hint at the possible design and feature of the alleged new Galaxy X device. The rumored line of devices was previously thought to be a return to the clamshell-styled smartphones, but the new patent seems to indicate the other way around.

A report from Know Your Mobile has claimed that Samsung may have shifted its fold-in approach, aka the clamshell design, into a more radical fold-out design. The patent suggests that the company may be looking to create a 5-inch smartphone that will essentially be able to fold-out into a 7-inch tablet. With the advent of edgeless displays and better OLED technology, Samsung may very well be able to pull off the design that is being shown in its submitted patents.

Based on the patents, fans who were looking forward to a clamshell form factor may be disappointed as Samsung has likely already moved on from that specific design language. As the patent suggests, the new device may be comprised of two ultra-thin smartphone bodies that are connected to each other via a special hinge mechanism.

The phone functions like a normal smartphone complete with a home key under the front display. However, when users want a bigger screen, they now simply have unfolded the device to transform it into a tablet. There is still no official information yet on whether or not the design will be transformed into an actual product, but if it does, this year would certainly be the perfect opportunity.