Apple hasn't really changed the design language of its smartphones over the past couple of years. The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus for example, looks particularly similar to its predecessors. However, 2017 will be marking the smartphone's 10th anniversary, which is why fans are expecting a lot of innovative changes to be coming in terms of its design and features.

One concept design, which comes from the German website Handy Abovergleich, has now compiled some of the most prominent rumors about the new handset. The stunning new concept for the iPhone 8 is indeed a looker and if Apple decides to go in this particular direction, then it could probably be game over for its other competitors.

The iPhone 8 concept attributes most of its looks to the upcoming device's prevailing rumors, which includes an all glass front covering a bezel-less curved display. The images of the concept reveal the front of the phone being covered entirely by its display, with what looks like a fingerprint reader and home button embedded right into the glass. Two virtual buttons also flank the embedded display, which does add to its overall aesthetic, as per Yahoo.

Similar to the current iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 concept also has curved edges, only this time the curves go all the way to the back. The device itself also has a glass curved back and is surrounded by a stainless steel frame. As for the display, rumors have predicted that Apple may be moving away from LCD screens on the next iPhone, which could mean that the next generation handset may be using either an AMOLED display or perhaps an OLED display.

The concept itself is of course just a concept. However, it would be interesting to see what Apple will be coming up with and hopefully it will be similar, if not better, than what Handy Abovergleich has come up with.