LeAnn Rimes Wants Eddie Cibrian's Child, But He's Reportedly Reluctant

LeAnn Rimes is still unhappy that one of her wishes has not been fulfilled. Married to Eddie Cibrian since 2011, she has wanted to give birth to a child. Yet, the country music star does not think that her wishes would be fulfilled.

While promoting her new album, "Remnants," she also revealed why she could not have any children. It's mainly due to her childhood and difficult relationship with her mother. She said in an interview with Billboard.  "I would love to have kids. I'm taking it day by day - I'm still young." She admitted that her song "Mother" is all about how parents should be "superheroes," even if they never meet the mark.

That is mainly because they carry over the baggage brought by their parents and grandparents. She said that she has always been fearful of having children because she would have to pass on her pain. She just wanted to heal herself before having a child, she said.

She and Eddie have been desperate for a baby daughter, and she even thought a year ago of adopting or using a surrogate to carry her baby, according to Intouch. However, even though the couple has been struggling to execute the plans, the results just haven't materialized.

It is not clear whether it's only because LeAnn is harboring her personal fears or because something odd is happening between her husband and her. Eddie Cibrian might not want any more to father a child, mainly because he still doesn't have a "stable Hollywood job" and also because his sons from the earlier marriage to Brandi Glanville might not make him interested. Eddie himself hasn't really commented on the sticky situation at all.

LeAnn was even slammed at one point for trying to edge out Brandi, and behaving like a mother rather than a stepmother to her stepsons. But now, the two women have worked out their issues, and are good friends with each other, in order to keep the boys happy.

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