Leah Remini Scientology: Actress Reveals Church Allows John Travolta To Kill People [VIDEO]

Leah Remini recently revealed a chilling bit of info about John Travolta and his ability to literally get away with murder.

Remini has been exposing the dangers of the Church of Scientology for a few years now, despite threats from the organization to stop. She appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience most recently and talked about two of the biggest members of Scientology, Tom Cruise and John Travolta, and how they're able to get away with so much.

The actress spoke on how Cruise has his own team of people that do his bidding, who "believe as a Scientologist that you're working for someone who is single-handedly saving the planet... That's an abuse that's not justified."

Moving on to Travolta, Remini discussed how he has reached a level in the organization called Khakhan, in which, as the actress puts it, "you can kill another human being. If you're Khakhaned, you're going to look the other way."

Rogen inquired if this means Travolta is truly allowed to kill people, to which Remini replied, "Yes. It's called ethics protection. There's another policy called the responsibility of leaders, which he says that what you gotta do to protect the leader you gotta do it. If you see a body, then you gotta clean it up."

Remini also appeared on Conan recently, telling host Conan O'Brien about her questioning the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

"I had gone to the church and I asked the spokesperson at the time, Tom Davis, 'Where is Shelly? I think it's weird that she's not here.' And he said you don't have the effin' rank to ask about the leader's wife," Remini recalled. "And I felt that I did have the effin' rank to ask where a human being was."

O'Brien also revealed that the show received a letter from the Church of Scientology before Remini's appearance, warning her that she was just looking for attention.

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