'Deadpool 2' Casting Update: David Harbour Of 'Stranger Things' Eyes Cable Role

"Deadpool 2" still has a year to go before its official screening in 2018, but fans are already speculating that David Harbour of "Stranger Things" would play the role of Cable. There were rumors before that Cable would be played by Pierce Brosnan, Russel Crowe, and even Stephen Lang, but that has changed after David Harbour has screen tested for the role.

David Harbour is expected to add some excitement to "Deadpool 2" if he gets to play Cable, considering his popularity in the Netflix drama "Stranger Things". He also had remarkable roles in "Suicide Squad" and "The Newsroom."

The role of Cable in "Deadpool 2" is one of the most coveted considering it is one of the characters in the "X-Men' franchise, according to Movie Pilot. News of David Harbour testing for the role of Cable in "Deadpool 2" has sent the radars of fans at a high angle since the movie is about to start filming.

An official list of the "Deadpool 2" casting is expected by spring, so Fox has to buckle down. Hopefully, that would already include David Harbour as Cable. As if the release of "Logan" over the weekend was not enough, fans had to contend with the "Deadpool 2" teaser which showed them a theater marquee with the movie "Logan" being shown.

"Deadpool 2" will have David Leitch as director, the same guy who directed "John Wick", according to Gamespot. Much is expected of "Deadpool 2" considering that the first "Deadpool" movie holds the record of having the highest gross among other R-rated movies with $783 Million hits in the box office. David Harbour's presence as Cable could add to its box office appeal.

There is no confirmed date of release for "Deadpool 2" but Fox has allocated a 2018 and 2019 spot for two of its "X-Men" movies. One of these could be "Deadpool 2" and the other one "New Mutants."

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