Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics are just two of the influential companies delivering smartphones that their patrons awaited. These two tech giant's upcoming flagship namely; Samsun Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will compete and it seems that there is already a winner.

According to Korea Portal, before Samsung has publicized its big plans for Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple already revealed that it has a plan of delivering a larger display through the iPhone. Aside from that, the Cupertino-based company is also planning to remove the Home button but it will keep the fingerprint scanner which will be embedded with the display.

Meanwhile, Samsung will is believed not to incorporate the fingerprint scanner in the Samsung Galaxy S8 model which may end up as a major frustration to its fans. It was also noted that the South Korean tech giant may have had no choice but to remove the fingerprint scanner though it wanted to keep it. The reason behind is that the company may not have ample time to work out its position in the larger display model.

Furthermore, BGR previously reported that a Twitter user named @Ricciolo1 said that a "little bird" told him that the Samsung Galaxy S8 might be unveiled on March 29. He further stated that the prices will start at $849 which will be a high entry price for the smartphone. Besides, if the iPhone 8 will be having a similar pricing structure as the iPhone 7 it may again disappoint the fans.

For $849, consumers can already buy a 256GB iPhone 7 and if they are willing to shell out $20 more, they will end up with a 128GB iPhone 7 Plus. So even if the $849 Samsung Galaxy S8 equals the storage of the iPhone 7, this smartphone is still expensive.

With the expensive price and some features lacking, it really appears that Samsung might lose this battle with Apple. Moreover, it is still remained to be seen since the Samsung Galaxy S8 might be unveiled this month while the iPhone 8 might become available on September.