Kat Graham has passed out in a restaurant and lots of speculations have gone online. But then, "The Vampire Diaries" actress' rep has told her fans that there is nothing to worry about as Graham just collapses due to food poisoning.

According to TMZ, Kat Graham was visiting Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa neighboring Palm Springs last month when she supposedly started not to feel well. The singer and "The Vampire Diaries" actress started throwing up and later on passed out on a lawn.

Based on some reports Kat Graham ran out of the resort's diner as she stated that she is really not feeling well and that she has to go to the hospital. She vomited, passed out, woke up and afterward jumped in an ambulance going to a hospital.

Furthermore, PEOPLE has stated in its article that there were hearsays claiming that Kat Graham was having a wicked trip from a brownie laced up with drugs. But then, 'The Vampire Diaries" actress' rep stated that this speculation is "100% not true. The rep further explained that Graham was eating at a cafeteria outside the resort and then she had experienced a violent reaction to food poisoning. She even pointed out that Kat Graham is not a drug user and that the singer-actress never tried using drugs.

Additionally, a recording from 911 has revealed that a resort employee was perceived telling the Fire Department that a lodger was unconscious after she ate at the resort's Essence restaurant. After that, the said employee obtained information from another staff member, who states that "The Vampire Diaries" actress; Kat Graham had recovered her consciousness and was drinking water. It was also worth mentioning that the guest is never recognized as Graham and that the resort did not deliver any comment on the situation.

Kat Graham's rep has told her fans that there is nothing to worry about as all is well regarding the actress. Moreover, the rep even clarified that "The Vampire Diaries" actress is not taking drugs.