‘Power Rangers’ Introduces Yellow Ranger, First LGBT Superhero

"Power Rangers" the movie is the third film in the "Power Rangers" franchise with Dean Israelite as director and John Gatins as the writer. The 2017 movie features the original main characters in the televisions series, but with an entirely new cast. It is not just, however, another superhero movie, as it introduces Yellow Ranger, the first gay superhero.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgenders (LGBT) community welcomes the "Power Rangers" movie as it carries the LGBT issue in the mainstream. The representation of LGBTs in Hollywood became a hot issue just recently with the inclusion of the supposedly gay LeFou in "Beauty and the Beast". The producers of the superhero franchise seemed unfazed by the controversy and proceeded with the introduction of the big screen's first gay superhero.

Singer Rebecca Marie Gomez, more popularly known onscreen as Becky G, was introduced in the latest "Power Rangers" movie when it officially opened in theaters Friday according to The Sun. Becky G plays Trini, who is not easily missed because she wears the very bright Yellow Ranger costume. Trini is not the ordinary superhero because she had girlfriend problems and this was interwoven in the movie's plot.

Trini has not really figured out herself, and she has many questions about her identity and sexuality in the "Power Rangers" movie. Despite this, the movie's storyline has allowed her to just be herself. This has been seen as a positive inspiration for teens who are trying to discover themselves.

"I think so many people in the LGBT community are going to be excited to see that representation," former "Power Rangers'" Blue Ranger and gay actor David Yost said.

"Power Rangers" the movie is considered by many as a groundbreaking film, according to Hollywood Reporter. The fearless introduction of an LGBT superhero might even catapult Lionsgate into the status of a major studio. For sure, Lionsgate will go down in history as one of the first movie studios that has broken the barrier, and has gone where others feared to tread.

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