Scarlett Johansson calls Ivanka Trump coward for failing to speak against President

Among all the other celebrities who speak out against current US President, Donald Trump, Scarlett Johansson has been one of them since last year. This time, a feud between her and the presidential daughter and assistant, Ivanka Trump, has escalated. It started when Ivanka had chosen to not be vocal about the US President's rules that he mandated since the day of his election.

Johansson is also one of the celebrities who regularly appears on the Emmy-award winning television comedy show, "Saturday Night Live", in which she impersonates the presidential daughter. The show is also noted to be one of those programs who mocks President Donald Trump since his election and victory last year. Actor Alec Baldwin is among those celebrities that does so.

According to News Australia, Ivanka Trump has gained worldwide criticism when she was appointed as the presidential adviser, but failed to recognize at least one of her father's globally-contradicted policies until now. On a previous interview, Ivanka has stated that in contrast to what the previous reports say, she has been having disagreements with her father, but not in a way that the public knows. 

She added that she has chosen to privately deal with his father's issues regarding the policies and rules that the American people acknowledged to be controversial. Aside from that, Ivanka mentioned that if the people will call her complicit because of her choice to not voice out her issues with her father then she's willing to be called one. 

In "Saturday Night Live", Johansson once again mocked Ivanka Trump's remarks by impersonating her on the show. Furthermore, on an interview during the Women's March, Johansson openly expressed her opinion about Ivanka's latest move, saying that the president's daughter is a coward for not doing her job as a public advocate. She further stated that she's disappointed that someone who is a big influence failed to spread empowerment to the country.

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