Prince Charles Said Something Following The Birth Of Prince Harry Which Upset Princess Diana


Princess Diana, well-known as the "People's Princess" was a doting and adoring mother to Prince William and Prince Harry. While it was obvious how Diana loved and adored her two sons, there was this something which people do not know about the birth of Prince Harry and this related to Prince Charles.

It was revealed that Prince Charles actually said something after the birth of PRINCE Harry which really broke Princess Diana's heart. Charles reportedly wanted a girl and Diana, knowing that she was pregnant with a boy kept this secret from her husband.

After Prince William's birth last June 1982, Popsugar revealed that Princess Diana felt the pressure around her to produce a spare to the heir. The year after, it was announced that Prince Charles and Diana were already expecting another baby but she was unlucky since she experienced a miscarriage later that week.

But in 1984, Prince Charles and Princess Diana found out that she was pregnant again for the third time. In fact, Diana even shared that she doesn't think if she is really made for the production line but she added that it is all worth it eventually.

In the year 1984, the month of September, Princess Diana gave birth to a baby boy who was later named as Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor. Then in one of Diana's biographies and stories, the former Princess of Wales revealed that Prince Charles was not happy after welcoming the child. In the first place, he wanted a girl and Harry was a boy.

It was revealed on The Sun that Prince Charles comments broke Princess Diana's heart which also included how he noticed Harry's red hair. She was upset since after enduring nine hours of labor, that's what she could hear from her husband. Not only that, even if Charles treated that as a joke, Diana was extremely hurt since her siblings have red hair, a trait that runs in the Spencer family. Moreover, it was reported that Charles told Diana's mother during Harry's christening that they were disappointed since they thought that it was a girl.

Princess Diana further revealed that she and Prince Charles were the closest they have ever been before the birth of Prince Harry. But due to the above-mentioned incident after Harry's birth, the whole thing went down and this affected their marriage that led to divorce.

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