Latest reports suggested that Samsung will release its Galaxy Note 8 on September 15 but consumers can already do pre-orders on August 24. So for those who want to have this device after it will be announced on the 23rd, they will be able to have it right away.

According to GSM Arena, users will be able to decide what they want between a convertible wireless charger and the Samsung Gear 360 through their pre-orders. This will also serve as a pre-order bonus but no matter which of those the users choose, they are assured that all the pre-orders will feature a free 256GB microSD card. Evan Blass, the popular leaker, also note that there will also be a pre-order gift or the European consumers and that is a DeX dock.

Previous reports claimed that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available immediately for pre-order after its announcement on August 23. After this, the said device will already go up for its regular price on August 24, but it seemed like the people did not buy the rumor.

 With the report, still, no definite price has been released yet as to the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, based on its features and specifications, the device will not come cheap. It was recently leaked and revealed that the device will be equipped with a 6.3-inch QUD + AMOLED display, IP68 dust, and water resistance, plus a dual-camera system which feature a f/1.7 aperture and 2x optical zoom.

Aside from those specifications, there are still other features which are not yet confirmed by Samsung. These features, according to 9TO5Google include a 6GB of RAM, a display technology like the Force Touch of Apple and some more. With this, some reports claimed that Samsung is shaping up to be a great and seriously massive smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also come with a 256GB of internal storage but there seems to be a catch. While having a much storage space is great news for the users, they should not yet make full expectations. It was reported that the 256GB Note 8 will only be available in Korea and the company will still need to confirm if this will also be made available in other regions too. However, the users have one option since the Note 8 will also come with a microSD card.