Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 8 In A Return For The High-End Smartphone Brand

Samsung just launched its Galaxy Note 8 and the company hopes this will mark their return for the high-end smartphone brand. It can be recalled that last year, their Galaxy Note 7 was recalled due to an issue in its battery and this cost the company billions of dollars.

According to Telegraph, the new device from Samsung comes with a 6.3-inch infinity display which wraps around its edges. One of the best features of the Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung's Bixby voice assistant similar to that of Apple's Siri. This virtual aide was also launched in the UK just yesterday.

Moreover, the Galaxy Note 8 likewise comes with S-pen stylus and the reports added that this can be used even if the phone's screen is not active or off. The users can utilize this whenever they need to take notes or make a shopping list and saved them in this device.

With the release of this Galaxy Note 8, Samsung hopes that they will recover the reputation of their Note model. The company was forced to recall its Note 7 device the previous year. The cause, according to reports was due to a faulty battery that led to overheating of the device and several of these burst into flames.

In addition, the new Galaxy Note 8 is said to be the first Samsung's smartphone which features a dual camera lens. It can be recalled that this feature is already employed in the iPhone 7 Plus even in the Android challengers like the OnePlus 5 and the Nokia 8. On its back, the Note 8 has two 12MP cameras and this will allow the user to develop depth effects photos and to be able to zoom even further.

Speaking of its Bixby voice assistant, it was reported on CNBC that it is being activated using the voice control and though the phrase "Hi, Bixby". Since this voice assistant is controlled through the device, the user is assured that this is secured and will not just sit in the corner of the room listening to the user.

Samsung was caught in some challenges last year which included the recall of its Note 7 and the arrest of its de facto head in Korea. Despite these unfortunate incidents in the company, the Galaxy Note 8 has been sustained by the success of the Galaxy S8 which was able to generate around 20 million units.

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