New reports claimed that the iPhone 8 will be launched this September and this new device from Apple might feature a bunch of new hardware including an impressive facial recognition technology. For sure, iPhone users will again look forward to the release of the said device most especially with its new and reportedly outstanding facial recognition feature.

With this latest report from Mashable, it was claimed by one publication that the facial recognition technology of the new iPhone 8 will only work for "millionths of a second" to scan the face of the user. It was also added that this is possible due to 3D sensors which are incorporated in the said facial scanner that could deeply sense the face of the user in the time that fast.

Furthermore, the 3D sensors will also be adopted or the front and rear of the iPhone 8 to give way to the AR applications. This can also integrate 3D virtual images with the environment and location of the user in real time.

With the inclusion of this advanced feature, Apple reportedly will abandon its Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 8 being also its new flagship phone. Instead of the Touch ID, the company will now use the new face scanning technology which on the other hand, can also be used for Apple Pay authorization. Again, if this will be realized, this will really be a major change to how people used their iPhones.

Even if this sounds exciting for the iPhone users, Forbes reported that the impending use of this facial scanner technology has already triggered some issues when it comes to the amount of time this will take and consume. It can be considered that the fingerprint scanner is already very fast and is far more convenient than the numeric code scanner.

Other consumers might doubt the speed of this new facial recognition technology which will be incorporated in the said iPhone 8, there is not much be concerned about here. It can be recalled that the Touch ID of Apple when introduced last 2013 took about only one second to scan a finger. But surprisingly, this has gotten a little faster and would not quite compare to the millionths of a second report. Apart from this, the new device will feature wireless charging and an enhanced efficiency and speed.