‘Wonder Woman 2’ Release Date Moved

A very important update for DC fans — a change of date. Wonder Woman 2 is now set to be released on Nov. 1, 2019.

Originally, a Dec. 13, 2019 date was already set for the yet untitled sequel to the previous worldwide blockbuster. Two crucial things have been fully confirmed too — Gal Gadot signs up for the lead role as Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins is the director once again.

What prompted the change of date?

Wonder Woman Faces Competition

Bowing out of a potentially bloody all-out box office war, speculations suggest that Wonder Woman may have wisely retreated from having to be released too close to another major release.

Star Wars: Episode IX, originally set for release on May 2019 has now been moved to Dec 20, 2019. This has been decided by Disney and LucasFilm.

The battle for box office supremacy becomes more interesting when Bond 25 is released on Nov. 8, 2019,just a week after Wonder Woman 2 hits big screens, 

Plot Speculations

There are several rumours and plot suggestions swirling around the internet regarding the possible direction of Wonder Woman 2.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote a wish list, outlining five questions that will hopefully be answered by the Wonder Woman sequel:

- What did Diana do next after the last Wonder Woman and her coming out again to join the boys of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

- Is Ares really dead?

- What about Doctor Poison? Diana did not kill her for moral reasons. But will the doctor continue her diabolical deeds?

- Will Diana ever get to come back to Paradise Island?

- Did Ares deceive Wonder Woman by revealing to her that Zeus is actually her father and that she was kept in the Amazons to protect her well-being?

Many share the same questions so a lot of the fans will be undoubtedly excited to watch the sequel unfold in 2019 and see if they will be receiving the answers they are looking for.

Patty Jenkins On The Hero Concept

At some point in the current Hollywood sphere, Jenkins hopes that a lack of diversity will stop becoming an issue.

"It's a conversation that has to be had," Jenkins asserts. "It's less about observing diversity than it is about acknowledging that we are a very diverse world."

One thing is for sure, Wonder Woman 2 will continue to focus on Diana as a true hero and not bound to restrictions of being regarded as a lead who is a 'woman'.

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