How Do U Want It: Tupac’s Ex To Sell Rapper’s Nude Photo For $7,500

In the digital age, sending nudes is a controversial topic and at times a dangerous effort because of where the pictures may end up. Unfortunately, an ex-girlfriend of the late rapper Tupac doesn't think so. She is selling the "California Love" lyricist's nude photo for $7,500. Friends and those in the entertainment industry who worked with Tupac say he was known for occasionally showing off his genitals at unexpected moments as a joke.

Where The Photo Was Taken

It's reported the photo was taken during a house party in 1990 in Marin County. During the festivities, the said ex-girlfriend told Tupac to put away his genitalia or she would take a picture of it. When the Juice actor didn't do as she said, his ex-girlfriend snapped the photo. "Always the showman (and jokester!) Tupac would, on occasion, drop his pants when least expected and catch his friends by surprise. On this particular night, when my camera was about to go off taking a group shot, he did it again," the woman told Page Six in a statement.

"I told him I was going to zoom in if he didn't move fast and yank his pants up, but he just grinned at me and didn't budge. Flash! These singular photos capture the playful, spontaneous and uninhibited side of Tupac."

The Cost Of The Photo And Other Items

Currently, an auction house is accepting payments for the photo of Tupac. However, the ex-girlfriend is looking to privately sell the item. She also revealed that she has other photos of Tupac (where he is fully clothed).

The Debate

When news broke that the unidentifiable woman would be selling his nude photo, much debate arose because many believe her intentions of selling the Poetic Justice star photo is immoral. Especially since the entertainer is not alive to voice whether or not he would want a random person having a photo of him.

Others believe it's fair game since Tupac exposed himself regularly.

Other Tupac Memorabilia

It's also reported that the auction house, Gotta Have Rock And Roll, started bidding for the nude photo at $15,000. Another item of Tupac's that was sold by the same auction house was a letter he wrote to Madonna from jail. The "Like A Virgin" singer's former friend who used to work at the auction house stole a series of letters the rapper wrote to Madonna. Madonna went to court to have the letters and other items returned. However, one was already sold for $170,000.

Tupac died from a drive-by shooting that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was 25 years old. At the time, he was engaged to Kidada Jones, the daughter of composer Quincy Jones.

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