Cardi B.'s laugh, personality, and charm are infectious, especially the sage advice she spits out. Her fans can tell you, if you visit the rap star's Instagram page, it is a black hole. From sharing personal stories about her herself, family and friends, Cardi's hilarious take on life will make a bad day feel like a good one.

In an interview with ELLE, the Bronx native with Trinidadian and Dominican roots opens up about her career and how other women should move when they're trying to secure the bag(s).

Here are highlights and amazing advice Cardi shared with journalist Faran Krentcil during designer Jeremy Scott's event with Moschino at Art Basel.

On Fame Being Art:

"Fame isn’t art, but the person you become when you’re famous—your alter ego—that’s art. You know what I’m saying? Like, the artist in me is different from regular me," she said.

Her Investment Plans:

"You gotta be real smart when you shop art, because art is crazy expensive, and it’s also emotional and it’s valuable—but only sometimes. That’s the problem: I want something that’s really colorful and speaks to me. But you look at the art market and you’re like, “Do I really wanna buy something that speaks to me? Or do I wanna buy something that’s gonna make me some money?"," Cardi expressed to Faran.

How Women Should Move In Their Careers:

Cardi paused the interview to tell Faran that many people tell or call her ugly. Faran responded that people are morons and Cardi had the perfect follow-up to her statement:

"They say my nose is too big. They say this, this, and that. You wanna know what? I don’t give a f--k, because I’m making money. It don’t matter if you get a degree or sell your p---y. You could even get a motherf--king sugar daddy, I don’t know, but I think you gotta make your own money to truly be happy. Make more than the guys you thought you wanted to be with."


That's the philosophy to have. 

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