Tiffany Haddish’s 18-Minute Acceptance Speech Brought The House Down At The New York Film Critics Circle Awards

The awards season is officially here and off to an epic start, thanks to Tiffany Haddish who blew the audience away with her hilarious acceptance speech.

Haddish bagged the Best Supporting Actress category at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards for her performance in the comedy Girls Trip on Wednesday, Jan. 3. The comedienne's performance in the film, which became the highest grossing comedy of 2017, was lauded by critics and fans alike. However, the actress was snubbed for a Golden Globe nod, much to the discontent of fans.

Haddish came on stage to accept her honor following a tribute to the late Lincoln Plaza Cinemas owner Dan Talbot and before Jane Pauley handed Greta Gerwig her Best Picture award for Lady Bird. She then stole the show with her 18-minute acceptance speech. It included references to Skype sex, a scene that was cut from Girls Trip for being too raunchy, and a lot of flirting with host Michael B. Jordan.

Haddish started off her speech by making a reference to the infamous grapefruit scene from Girls Trip. She checked to make sure her name was spelled correctly on the award while sipping on a martini, which she called the "Tiffnicity-tini." 

Here are a couple of highlights from Haddish's speech:

On Her Parents And God

Haddish expressed her gratitude to the almighty. Then, she joked about how if it wasn't for him her parents wouldn't have united their two "uglies" together to create her.

"He put two crazy people together to make one awesome crazy person," she added.

On A Scene That Was Cut From 'Girls Trip'

The 38-year-old comedienne then talked about a scene that had to be edited out of the final version of the film. In the deleted scene, she's telling Regina Hall's character all the things she's going to do for her and how she has her back after she finds out her husband cheated on her with an Instagram "model."

She explains to Hall's character how she's going to put her husband to sleep and then burn her name on his "d-k."

"Then we're gonna put mud and salt on it so it will keloid over. And then it will be ribbed for your pleasure. And then when he woke up, we'll look him dead in his eyes. And we'll tell him right to his face, to keep your name out of these bitches' mouths," Haddish said.

The actress/comedienne said that although the scene was removed from the final cut of the film, she likes to tell everybody about it because she thinks about these things at night sometimes.

"Don't hurt my feelings, Michael B. Jordan," she quipped.

Watch Haddish's full speech captured by BuzzFeed film critic Alison Willmore who later shared it on Facebook.

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