Mel Gibson Prepares To Film 'Passion Of The Christ' Sequel


Actor-director Mel Gibson announced on Jan. 31 that he will be making a sequel to one of his most polarizing films.

The Passion Rises Again

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gibson has plans to add a sequel to his 2004 controversial film, The Passion of the Christ.

Several reports have indicated that The Patriot and What Women Want actor would be hands-on with the sequel, along with producing and directorial duties.

The original screenwriter, Randall Wallace, was working on the first draft of the upcoming sequel to the tentatively titled The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection. However, the screenwriter is unsure if he is still part of the filming process. 

Caviezel Returns To Jesus?

The Passion of the Christ original actor Jim Caviezel is in the beginning process of talks to rejoin Gibson as Jesus Christ.

Caviezel gained a following in the religious films circle as he portrayed the iconic religious figure in several productions.

Twitter Is Divided

As the sequel news hit Twitter, many of its users picked up this hot topic and were divided into several different camps. One camp was enthusiastic about the development.

"Wow! I watch this movie once a year as a reminder to myself what really matters in life...Cannot wait for the sequel," said one Twitter user.

Another camp questioned the purpose of The Passion of the Christ sequel.

"But how can there be a sequel...the movie ended with the obvious of what we have been taught. This should be interesting," wrote another Twitter user.

Other users already made up their mind and decided not to support the film or its controversial director.

"Not going to another Mel Gibson movie. Hell no," replied one Twitter user.

Gibson's Possible Projects

While the controversial actor-director is preparing for the pre-production process for the upcoming The Passion of the Christ sequel, Gibson has other projects that he could film.

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films approached Gibson and asked he could direct the upcoming Suicide Squad 2. Gibson has stated that he is still thinking about the possibility of directing the film and admitted that he was still on a first date with the production company.

Gibson could also go to the Marvel Cinematic Universe if Robert Downey, Jr. had it his way. Downey, Jr., stated that the Braveheart director was his perfect pick to direct Iron Man 4.

The sudden interest in Gibson could be tied into Hacksaw Ridge's success at the box office and how it was nominated for six Academy Awards in 2017.

Gibson stated that The Passion of the Christ sequel could be released in late 2019 or early 2020.

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