Bo Derek Defends Kim Kardashian Amid 'Bo Derek Braids' Controversy


On Monday, Jan. 29, Kim Kardashian ignited controversy when she debuted her new hairdo and called herself "Bo West." The 37-year-old took to Instagram to post a slew of Polaroid pictures from a photoshoot she did paying homage to Bo Derek's look from the movie 10.

Kim's followers immediately accused her of cultural appropriation and assumed that she was crediting Bo Derek for her braided hairstyle.

One Instagram user commented on her photo explaining that the braids are not Bo Derek braids, but are referred to as cornrows.

"They're NOT 'BO DEREK' Braids -- they are African cornrows, She's gotta do better with her cultural stylings," the Instagram user wrote.

Another Instagram user slammed Kardashian for allegedly disrespecting African culture.

"What angers me is the fact that she called them Bo [Derek] braids as if that's where they originated. If you gone try to rock African cornrows AT LEAST have enough respect to call them WHAT THEY ARE," another user wrote.

Bo Derek Speaks Out

While many have spoken out against Kardashian's new do, Bo Derek has come forward to defend the hairstyle.

On Wednesday, the 61-year-old actress took to Twitter to explain the origin of the braids also known as Fulani braids.

The movie producer shared a collage of three photos that included Queen Ahmose-Nefertari, a photo of herself, and one of Kim Kardashian's photos that she posted on her Instagram. Derek later revealed that what Kim did was just a copy as she also imitated the look from Ann-Magret Olsson's backup singer from her Vegas Nightclub Show.

According to PEOPLE, Derek referenced Ahmose-Nefertari because she was buried with braids. Ahmose-Nefertari the first Queen of the 18th dynasty in Egypt and was portrayed with her hair in braids, not cornrows.

The movie producer wasn't the only person that supported Kim's new look. Kim's younger sister, Khloe Kardashian, stated that she was living for her sister's confidence and clapbacks in regards to her hairstyle and photos.

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