Peter Dinklage Tells 'Game Of Thrones' Fans That Doritos Ad Doesn't Mean Tyrion's A Targaryen

After getting a wind of conspiracy theories that Tyrion actually belongs to Targaryen because of a Doritos advertisement, Peter Dinklage finally sets the record straight.

Super Bowl commercials have been getting creative more than ever. Making buzz among others is the one from Doritos and Mountain Dew which featured Game of Thrones star Dinklage and actor Morgan Freeman, respectively.

The ad started with Dinklage holding a bag of Doritos and eating from it. Fire from the fire place suddenly blew up, and then unexpectedly, he lip-synced to the tune of Busta Rhymes' Look at Me Now while walking in a burning room.

Lastly, Dinklage can be seen blowing fire from his mouth, before the final promotion for Doritos appear. Obviously, he was marketing a hot and spicy flavor of the chips called Blaze.

In an apparent lip-sync battle, Freeman appears with a bottle of Mountain Dew and then drinks it. He went on to rap Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott. To the other extreme, The Bucket List actor walks in an icy room and everything he touches turns to ice.

More than anyone else, fans of the hit HBO thriller series Game of Thrones took particularly delight on the Doritos part of the ad as conspiracy theories surrounding Dinklage's character's, Tyrion, were further strengthened.

Many fans had long been milling theories that Tyrion is actually a Targaryen and not a Lannister. Dinklage's breathing of fire is heavily used to fuel the conspiracies. In short, a lot of fans used the advertisement as a confirmation.

But as much as Dinklage loves the wild and far-fetched theories out there, he shut down this particular one involving his character. He explained to Huffington Post that the ad was not connected with the Game of Thrones at all.

"[Fans] are sort of stretching the limit with that theory when you're branching out to Frito-Lay commercials," Dinklage explained.

Even so, he made clear that he was grateful for the fans who show support for the series.

"I say that with all love and respect. Please, I love them. I love the fan theories that they have until the show is finally over," he added.

Apart from clearing the issue on his character, the 48-year-old slipped some details about the viral ad. Dinklage confessed that he actually learned the lyrics of his song in fear of messing it up.

He also believed that he beat Freeman in the rap battle, citing Busta Rhymes as "fastest rapper in the known universe."

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