Road rage can escalate to violence quickly. Recently, an altercation between Chevy Chase and a truck driver ended up with the comic on the ground.

The comic was kicked to the ground, but the other party, UPS worker Michael Landrio, says it was self-defense after the actor attacked their vehicle. The 22-year-old talked to The Post about the events of Friday, Feb. 9 that led to the violent exchange between him and the actor.

Landrio Says

According to the UPS worker, he was headed north with his girlfriend and another couple. They were along the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge when a blue Mercedes pulled up next to their vehicle and flashed its lights at them.

"It was an old guy yelling - something we couldn't hear - super pissed-off," Landrio recounts in Page Six. "We just tried to get the heck away from him. He followed us the whole length of the bridge, driving crazy."

Eventually, both cars reached South Nyack in Rockland County where Chase's car blocked their way. One of Landrio's companions opened a window to apologize and explain that the group just wants to go upstate.

"You know who the f**k I am?" Landrio says Chase screamed at them. "Then he started cursing at me for no reason and said, 'I am going to ruin your lives!' I said, 'F**k you!'"

Following the exchange, the actor opened the door of Landrio's vehicle.

"[He] yells, 'I'm going to punch you in the nose' and he came after me and had his hands in my face," he continues. "I said, 'Get the f**k away from me!'"

Chase is basically inside the vehicle at this point, then attempted a punch and missed. In response to his attacks, Landrio said he kicked the comic, which sent Chase flying to the ground. The group locked their doors, but the actor was still attempting to get to them when a cop and a nurse showed up.

"I didn't know who he was - I was just trying to defend myself," Landrio says, adding that cops informed him of his attacker's identity afterward.

Chase Says

Meanwhile, Chase informed New York authorities that a black pickup truck cut him off and he believed his car was hit.

Chase continued that he attempted to reach out to the truck by flashing the car lights and then following them on the road. He was reportedly given the middle finger and he responded with a threat. Fueled by the Community comic's threat, the driver of the other vehicle stepped out of the car and kicked Chase off his feet.

Landrio was charged with second-degree harassment.