Omarosa Manigault has been the talk of the town since she entered Celebrity Big Brother. Now, she is more than ready to tell all about the secrets in White House.

A former White House staff, Manigault said that she was thinking about writing a tell-all in the reality TV show, even if she has to face the man of the hour, United States President Donald Trump. The 44-year-old star acknowledged that she might get embroiled in a bigger mess if she does it but that she has had enough of it.

"He's going to come after me with everything he has. Like, I'm going up against a kazillionaire," Manigault said, referring to Trump, whom she said she was expecting to battle with in the court.

Perfect Time

Her contemplation stems from, according to her, getting fed up of being silenced. Manigault also explained that she had things that had to be kept "out of loyalty" but that now is the perfect time for people to know.

Additionally, she dropped bombs about her experiences when she was still working in the White House. Manigault went on to narrate her struggles as a black woman while employed for less than a year in the current administration and expressed her relief when she finally got off her job. She then described the president's Twitter use, and even credited herself as the one who tried to avert Trump from going to his signature Twitter frenzy.

Meanwhile, Manigault had continued to stir controversy with her stories in every episode in Celebrity Big Brother. With her recent thoughts, it could well be expected that she would lash out more on Trump's government and spill more beans on what it is like working with and for the president, but she would probably do this outside the reality show.

With all her revelations, Manigault still did not guarantee a spot in the house that's monitored 24/7. She is the latest evictee from Celebrity Big Brother.

Even with her short stay inside the house, Manigault had made headlines mostly because of her tirades and revelations about the White House. Her relationship with Trump was even raised, with Brandi Glanville wondering if she had slept with the president.

Manigault vehemently denied this, though she had more to say, of course. She said that the deed was not done by her but by someone else in the White House, who she revealed was "sleeping around with everybody." She did not elaborate on this.