Actress Katherine Heigl is inspiring mommies worldwide who want to get fit. The new mom herself shared her incredible, year-long fitness progress on Instagram.

Katherine Heigl Share Weight Loss Journey

Mother of three Heigl shared three side-by-side progress shots on her social media account. The pics, taken over the past 14 months since the birth of son Joshua Bishop in Dec. 2016, showcase the incredible amount of work Heigl has put in over the past year and change.

The first one of the three photos was taken a month after her son was born, and the third was shot after one year. Accompanying the shots was a detailed description of Heigl's journey so far.

"I wish I had a few from in between the first and second [photo] so you could really see how slow my progress was but alas...I was busy covering it all up those months, not posing in my unders!" wrote Heigl.

The big motivators for the 39-year-old actress were her upcoming stint on Suits as well as a beach holiday for which she, naturally, plans to be in a bikini. Heigl even joked about trying to find the abs buried underneath her belly.

Hard Work Pays Off

As to how fans could replicate the success she achieved, Heigl offered some great tips, starting with taking on the super popular Bikini Body Guide challenge.

Created by Aussie trainer Kayla Itsines, the program is a 12-week masterclass in strength training, high-intensity interval training, and diet. Followers typically share their progress using the hashtag #BBG as Heigl herself did here.

"I won't lie, the workouts are real a- kickers but the progress I've made in only 5 short weeks has kept me motivated and inspired to keep going!" she wrote.

Heigl made sure to point out that her goal is overall health and fitness, not fitting into a dress, or getting into shape super-quickly for a job.

"I am so grateful ... [I] wasn't forced by work to snap back into shape but it is time to make the strength, fitness and overall health of my body a priority," she wrote.

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The actress and husband Josh Kelley are also adoptive parents to two daughters, Naleigh and Adalaide.

Meanwhile, fellow fit mommy Blake Lively recently shared her own massive weight loss, a whopping 61 lbs. after 14 months of training on Instagram, too.

The Gossip Girl alum, who has two daughters with partner Ryan Reynolds, lost the weight she gained over 10 months while pregnant in just over a year. In her post, she told her followers she is hugely proud of the work she had done.