After being dragged into spotlight by Pamela Anderson in the wake of her son Brandon and ex-husband's altercation, Tommy Lee's fiancée, Brittany Furlan, is speaking her mind out.

For everybody's information, Anderson pointed at Furlan as the reason why Lee was far from sober. This stemmed at a fight between the Playboy model's son, Brandon, and Lee, which ensued allegedly because of the latter's lashing out against his ex-wife's recent guest stint, revealing the musician's alcohol problem.

Presumably out of self-defense, Brandon had to punch his dad out. During the aftermath of the confrontation, Anderson stood by her son and went on to blame Lee's problem with alcohol that was allegedly also the cause for the raucous in their family. This was penned at her website, with the entry titled "Alcoholism Is the Devil."

She further highlighted Brandon's efforts to make Lee better. However, Anderson did not hold back when she pointed finger to the perpetrator of the Mötley Crüe member's problem, Furlan.

"His fiancé keeps him drunk — this is what he wants — someone to behave badly with," Anderson wrote.

Denouncing Accusations

Shocked with Anderson's statements, Furlan expressed hurt and sadness over the accusation, despite all her efforts for Lee. The internet sensation was the one who called 911 for help after the match between her partner and Brandon.

"I love Tommy, have always only wanted the best for him, I am wishing peace for all involved," Furlan, who became popular thanks to Vine, said.

Additionally, Furlan had become the talk of the town after the recent fallout between the father and son after a Page Six source claimed that she was the reason for the gap between Lee and his friends, which had become a concern for his buddies.

The 31-year-old explained Lee does not need to be directed, and his actions are solely his decisions. Furthermore, Furlan narrated she convinces her partner to go out with some friends whenever there's an invitation but that he doesn't want to.

In an interview with TMZ, Lee vehemently denied he had alcohol problems and even hinted at Anderson for seemingly turning their two sons against him during the time he was busy making money for them. However, he maintained he was not mad with his 21-year-old son and that he only wants an apology from Brandon.

Lee popped the big question to Furlan in February and fans would be more than shocked to see the recent news about the couple. Interestingly, the soon-to-be newlyweds have been active in Instagram, specifically Stories, showing their antics as a sweet couple. The videos and photos seemed to be like those of ordinary love birds deeply in love with each other, cooking for their partner and playing with their pets.