Tori Spelling's Mom Is Not A Fan Of Dean McDermott: 'She Can't Stand Him'

As if Tori Spelling’s rocky marriage with Dean McDermott wasn't bad enough, rumor has it that her mom is not on his side. McDermott and Spelling have been experiencing highly public marital woes for years now.

Candy Spelling's Issues With Dean McDermott

Tori's mother, Candy Spelling, is said to be very vocal about how she feels about her son-in-law.

“She can’t stand him,” said one insider.

On top of that, Tori and her mother don’t exactly have a healthy relationship either. Still, the source said McDermott and Tori’s issues aren’t related to their separate issues with Candy.

Tori Spelling's Mommy Issues Don't Help

As for Tori, she’s been open about her seemingly estranged relationship with her mother. She revealed that they barely even spoke to one another in an interview roughly four years ago. She said that despite their relationship not being an ideal one, she’s learned to live with it and has hope that it will grow and improve into something better in the future.

She said their issues date back to when her father, Aaron Spelling, passed away in 2006. She described herself as a “daddy’s girl” and said her dad was typically the one to be on her side, while her mother took on the “bad cop” role.

“He kind of created a little bit of that dynamic,” admitted Tori. “It wasn’t just all her.”

Candy was also open about her relationship with Tori through a representative in 2014. At the time, Candy said she contacted McDermott and Tori often in hopes of seeing her grandchildren but they rarely ever got back with her.

Interestingly enough, one insider said Candy is the one who financially supports McDermott and Tori’s five children while McDermott fights financial issues with his previous wife. They are parents to Liam, 11; Stella, 9; Hattie, 6; Finn, 5; and Beau, 1.

Their Most Recent Ups And Downs

Despite news of a broken marriage between Tori and McDermott, they were seen kissing on the set of the Sharknado 6 film Monday, March 12. They held hands and were said to be in good spirits.

They were also spotted enjoying a family dinner with all four of their children over the weekend. They dined at Back Bear Diner in Encino, California.

Interestingly enough, this was just days after police were called to their home. Apparently, McDermott wanted authorities to check on Spelling after she left their Thousand Oaks home the day before. She reportedly took one of the kids to her mother’s home. She was later found at a doctor’s office.

No one was charged in the incident.

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