Barbra Streisand Reveals She Hasn't Experienced A #MeToo Moment During Her Career

Barbara Streisand opened up about her career and talked about the #MeToo movement during a guest appearance at PaleyFest in Los Angeles. She admitted that she has never experienced sexual harassment in her career.

Streisand sat down for an interview with producer Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) as part of the event's PaleyFest Icon Tribute, where the multihyphenate star was honored for her overall work in television. The special event, which served as the opening night of The Paley Center for Media's annual PaleyFest at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, opened with Murphy talking about his personal connection with Streisand. He talked about why the singer and actress deserves to be called the greatest star of all time.

#MeToo Movement

Then a montage of Streisand's numerous Emmy-winning television specials and concerts, best television moments, and memorable interviews played out for the audience. The highlight in the event happened during Murphy's sit-down interview with the TV icon, where she talked about sexual harassment and how the #MeToo movement helps the fight for gender equality.

"We're in a strange time now in terms of men and women and the pendulum swinging this way and that way, but it's going to have to come to the center," Streisand told Murphy about the movement that swept Hollywood by storm following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Murphy then asked the 75-year-old musician and filmmaker if she had experienced sexual harassment in the duration of her Hollywood career. The "Woman in Love" singer admitted that she has "never" had her own #MeToo moment at any point in her career spanning six decades. She does not know why but thinks it must be because of her physical appearance.

"I wasn't like those pretty girls with those nice little noses. Maybe that's why. I have no idea, I don't know," Streisand said.

Media Abuse

However, Streisand revealed that she has had her experience of media abuse. She recalled the years of inaccurate reporting, including one that claimed she has an "awards room" solely for her Emmys, Oscars, and other trophies. Streisand also explained her aversion to interviews stemmed from a previous "hurtful" TV interview with the late Mike Wallace.

Streisand said the TV journalist asked her hurtful words and she complained afterward. However, Wallace lied on TV and told viewers that she had supposedly loved the interview.

"I thought, I don't know what date rape is, it's terrible ... but it was such a violation. Why lie?" Streisand told Murphy.

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