Amber Portwood enjoyed a family vacation in Florida during last night's episode of Teen Mom OG and during the trip, her brother brought up her future.

Following months of dating boyfriend Andrew Glennon, Portwood and her leading man were confronted with questions about their future and his potential plan to get engaged. Right away, Portwood brought up the fact that she's already been engaged on four different occasions.

On March 29, Us Weekly magazine said that Portwood's brother, Shawn Portwood, wanted to make sure her new man wasn't dating her for her money after Portwood confirmed they had no plans to wed. Then, after Glennon joked that he and Portwood would be getting married this June, just one month after the arrival of their son, Portwood wanted to know if they had plans for a prenuptial agreement.

In response, Portwood informed her brother that she and Glennon had not yet spoken about getting a prenup in place to secure the outcome of their potential marriage.

Shawn Portwood Has Good Reason To Worry About His Sister's Money

Portwood's brother has reasons to be concerned about the longtime reality star's finances. After all, she recently revealed her former fiance, Matt Baier, allegedly stole thousands from her during their years-long relationship.

Although Shawn has expressed worry for his sister, Portwood recently confirmed during a new interview that she and Glennon are keeping their finances separate

Amber Portwood Has Learned From Her Past Mistakes With Matt Baier

“With Matt, we had joint accounts, businesses together, things like that, and I’ve learned my lesson. My money is my money, and when we’re together, we can help each other and be there for each other and take care of this child. But you know, Andrew is really good at knowing that we both have boundaries in certain things,” she explained to Us Weekly magazine days ago.

Portwood and Glennon started dating in August of last year and learned they were expecting a baby together the following month. As fans saw during an early episode of the current season of "Teen Mom OG," Portwood took a pregnancy test during a vacation with Glennon in Hawaii.

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