Millie Bobby Brown Reveals 'Stranger Things' Kids 'Argue All The Time': 'We Are Actually Siblings'

Stranger Things's Millie Bobby Brown reveals that despite building a familial atmosphere in the set, she and costars still get into little fights.

Stranger Things is set to begin production soon for its third run, and surely arguments will start ensuing as well. This is because Brown, who plays psychic Eleven in the hit thriller sci-fi Netflix series, divulged that the cast sometimes fight over things.

The award-winning show is well on its Season 3, meaning the cast has spent some time with each other, therefore they probably know by now each other's attitude. So was what can be deduced of the revelations of Brown and Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas Sinclair in the series.

McLaughlin narrated how it was easy for the cast to connect at first, with Brown saying that the early stages of their friendship was like the "honeymoon stage." He further added that the cast were generally nice to everyone, but that eventually changed.

Brown then chimed in, saying that they were like siblings who "argue all the time." However, McLaughlin denounced this and said that that wasn't the case for all time, though the 14-year-old actress asserted that it was indeed true.

But to make matters clear, it isn't the violent type that each would hold grudge against one another. Brown explained that they engage into petty fights, sometimes about things like chips.

"It's little remote control arguments - like, who-gets-the-remote-control arguments," McLaughlin pointed out.


But of all the cast, it is Sadie Sink, who plays the feisty yet mysterious Max in Stranger Things Season 2, who plays referee during fights among the "siblings."

"Sadie doesn't argue though! She's like, 'Guys, everybody calm down,'" Brown shared.

So basically fans already got a wind of how the dynamics of the cast goes behind the camera. Of what's in store for Stranger Things Season 3, Shawn Levy, director, kept his lips tightly shut, saying he can't say details as he'll get into trouble.

"We are going back to work next month and we're super excited," Levy teased.

However, he wasn't at all quiet for the comeback of Eleven and the gang. Levy hinted that there would be a love story, or probably a love triangle, but who will be part of this narration he did not disclose.

Additionally, the cast won't be playing like they're still kids as Levy pointed out that the show will adapt to the cast's current state. He further clued in that Stranger Things Season 3 will be about an imminent change.

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