Mar 27, 2018 08:00 PM EDT By Elyse Johnson

'You Won't Be Back:' Famous Celebrities Who Were Replaced In Iconic Roles

'You Won't Be Back' These Famous Celebrities Were Replcaed In Iconic Roles

Could you imagine another actor other than Hugh Jackman portraying Wolverine? How about someone else playing the iconic role of Patrick Bateman besides Christian Bale in American Psycho? Believe it or not, it almost happened!

From Eric Bana being replaced as the Marvel superhero, The Hulk, to Katie Holmes being replaced for the character of Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, a plethora of celebrities missed out on some cult-classic roles due to scheduling conflicts, disputes with the director, and unfortunate injuries.

While some are known, such as Megan Fox who was re-casted for her role as Mikaela Barnes in the Transformers series after she made unflattering remarks about director Michael Bay, others may not be.

Take for example Ryan Gosling, who was removed from the film The Lovely Bones because the director thought he was too big. Another more recent example is that of Erin Hayes who starred on the hit show Kevin Can Wait, but her character was killed off and subsequently replaced by Leah Remini, much to the dismay of the fans of the show.

Here are some other famous celebrities who were replaced in popular shows and movies.  

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