Tommy Lee saw a video of his son Brandon telling paparazzi that he loves his father and that struck a chord in the musician, in a way that he now wants to make amends with his son.

Sweet Message

Tommy is now debating whether he should pursue the battery case he filed against his son after seeing the video. According to sources, the Mötley Crüe drummer now wants to make peace with Brandon after he heard what the latter had to say about their relationship.

Insiders claim that Tommy and his fiancée, Brittany Furlan, thought Brandon was being sweet when he told a photographer that he loves his dad. The message made an impact on the 55-year-old that now he wants to reconcile with his son. He is considering dropping the battery charges he filed against Brandon after he saw the clip.

The video was taken while Brandon and his girlfriend were out in West Hollywood on Monday night. The paparazzi caught up with the couple walking on the street and barraged Brandon with questions about his father. The 21-year-old kept his head down and refused to answer any of the questions thrown at him.

"I just wanna know if you have spoken to your dad at all. If you guys have made up? Any updates you can give me anything like that?" the photographer asked to which Brandon simply replied, "Sorry man."

The photographer then asked whether he wants to make amends with his dad and Brandon sounded eager to reconcile with Tommy.

"Of course man I love my dad," he replied and added that he just wants to be happy when asked what he wants to happen next.

Battery Case

Sources say Tommy loves his son and is thinking of not pursuing the battery case he filed against him. However, it is not up to the rocker to decide whether to drop the case or not, since it has been forwarded to the District Attorney's office. Only the DA can say whether to move forward with the case or not.

Tommy and Brandon got into an altercation on March 5 that left the rocker with a bloody lip after his son knocked him out cold. The argument stemmed from a series of photos and mean tweets that the rocker posted in anger following his ex-wife Pamela Anderson's interview with Piers Morgan, where she brought up the alleged physical abuse she endured from Tommy during their marriage.